About this Redmine

This Redmine project if for the G4LBNE application.

Authorized access to the project

You may view the wiki, bug reports and clone the git repository anonymously (no authentication needed).
You will need an authorized account to do things such as:

  • Edit the wiki pages
  • Submit bug reports (Reporter)
  • Push commits to the repository (Developer)
  • Add users (Manager)

Gaining authorization

To be added to this project you need a Fermilab Services Account .

To push commits back to the git repository hosted here you will also need a Fermilab Kerberos principle.

With those accounts in hand, then contact one of the managers listed in the Overview tab and ask them to add you as a developer on the LBNE beam simulation project. You must login to the redmine site (click 'login' at the top of this page) with your services account before the managers can do this, so please do this before emailing the managers!