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List of All LBNE (and Geant4-native) Macro Commands

06/11/2013 12:18 PM

This is a list of ALL of the available macro commands for G4LBNE, both G4LBNE-specific and Geant4-Native. This is valid as of 11 June, 2013.

Executing /control/execute macros/dumpManual.mac
Command directory path : /
Sub-directories :
/control/ UI control commands.

List of LBNE-Specific Macro Commands for g4lbne

06/11/2013 12:09 PM

The following is a list (unformatted, sorry!) of all of the LBNE macro commands that are available for version 3 of G4LBNE as of 11 June, 2013. (N.B. this was just generated using the single line '/control/manual' in an interactive G4LBNE session).


A few more G4 UI data cards for 1p2 MW option.

02/26/2014 05:28 PM


The NuMI target won't work at 1.2 MW beam power. See talk given by Jim Hylen, Feb. 2014 at the LBNE Beam Simulation meeting. Thus, back to the drawing board.

The "git" branch 1p2MW has been recently upgraded to support Jim's new design. This document contains a brief description of the Geant 4 User Interface cards that are recommended to pursue the optimization of the 1.2 MW design.