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h1. Wiki

This lbne-artdaq wiki is written primarily for developers of the lbne-artdaq package. If you plan only to use lbne-artdaq in the context of the DAQ application suite, you can skip these instructions. While potentially useful references as well as historical links are provided below the line, the two most important links are below, [[Installing and building the lbne-artdaq code]] and [[Best practices for code development]]. The names of these two links are self-explanatory.

[[Installing and building the lbne-artdaq code]]

[[Best practices for code development]]
_Please look at this if you're involved in developing software for LBNE data acquisition; while it may take a little time to read, the amount of time you'll save yourself and others by following the suggestions presented will more than make up for it_


h2. Reference

* "Chris' and Lynn's git flow quick start": (includes instructions for making a new release)
* "git flow command line arguments":
* "Chris' git tips and tricks":
* "Daniel Kummer's git flow cheatsheet page":


The CETBuildTools user guide and other useful notes are available on the "cet-is-public wiki":


h2. Notes related to protoDUNE DAQ

[[artdaq-related work list, January 2017]]

[[Notes from protoDUNE SP DAQ review November 2016]]

[[artdaq Work for Summer 2016]]

h2. Notes from 35t DAQ preparations

[[Notes on the initial data formats classes]]

[[Initial 35t cluster setup]]

[[Early success in running two RCE BoardReaders with RunControl and DAQInterface]]

[[Results of integration with prototype RCE system Oct 2014]]