Proposed work for Feb/Mar 2017

Some background on "ON" and "OFF" weeks:
  • The test system(s) at CERN would ideally not be considered development systems. Instead, it would be great for them to be locations for final integration and acceptance testing, and for systems at Oxford, Fermilab, Bristol, Boston, etc. be used for development.
  • The idea for ON and OFF weeks is that ON weeks provide the opportunity for changes to be made to the test system at CERN in a controlled way (e.g. verification of successful data taking before and after the changes). OFF weeks are quiet times that still provide at least one exercising of the system to prove that it still works.

artdaq goals for ON weeks between milestone weeks 1 and 2

For first ON week (13-Feb):
  • latest daqinterface and artdaq-database code and configuration installed and tested
For second ON week (27-Feb):
  • CVMFS delivery of UPS products
  • updated quick-start instructions to use CVMFS, where available
For third ON week (13-Mar):
  • lbne_artdaq --> dune_artdaq
  • artdaq 2.x upgrade
  • artdaq_<basic> split
  • gallery examples
For milestone week 2 (20-Mar):
  • Wes and John at CERN (any face-to-face meetings at CERN; usual DAQ testing)
  • integration and validation of all of the enhancements listed above
In the background:
  • assist subsystem developers with FragmentGenerator development
  • discussions with Giles about the messages needed by the Timing Board FragGen (trigger XON/XOFF, ZeroMQ)
  • setup of the DAB teststand (Matt at Fermilab in February)
  • disk hardware/computer recommendations
Other tasks and things to consider:
  • implement messaging for trigger XON, XOFF (circa MSW2?)
  • conversion to pull model (post MSW2?)
  • integration with timing FragmentGenerator (post MSW2?)
  • recommendation for logging from DAL classes?
  • daqinterface packaging, including the use of "git flow", tagged releases, UPS packaging of releases, etc.
  • conversion to use sockets (post MSW2*?)
  • reconfiguration support (post MSW2?)
  • addition of DFO (post MSW2)
  • event distribution ideas for online monitoring (post MSW2)


* MSW2 == Milestone Week 2: 20-Mar - 26-Mar

Diagram of computer systems used during milestone week 1