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h1. Notes from protoDUNE SP DAQ review November 2016

04-Nov-2016, KAB

Short-term to-do items:
* send instructions for the TriggeredFragmentGenerator demo to Frank Filthaut [done, 11-Nov]

Things to think about:
* Both from discussions with Frank and Wes, it seems like an _artdaq_ developer's workshop would be helpful. To make this most useful, we will need to develop a step-by-step tutorial that demonstrates some of the most likely needs of developers. And, the artdaq-skeleton would be useful for this.
* Reliable sending (TCP) of trigger/pull messages is expected.
* Decoupled event flow and metrics gathering/reporting is expected.
* How do we easily support different system configurations, for example, data logging from AGs vs. EBs? A graphical tool for system (i.e. architecture configuration) design?

[KAB] What do we need to do in the short/medium term?
* review the talks from the review and understand the timeline
* Redmine Issues and release plan
* talk to people about the merging of the BI and CRT data
* learn and/or influence the design of the DAQ cluster (servers, networking, disks)
* it would probably be good to split up our configuration step before trying to integrate with JCOP

To-do list:
* test on CentOS7
* provide a tarball that Giovanna can use for testing _artdaq_ disk writing on an Atlas disk appliance (available after 07-Dec)
* create a development/release plan

Suggestions from Wes on the tutorial:
* _art_ and _artdaq_ FHiCL parameters explanation; for example, are "endPaths" optional or required?
* how does one make scripts to drive the system and monitor its state?
* we could create a "toy" experiment, including a test driver
* how does one update _artdaq_ versions and where does one find the list of ones available?