The central repositories for core LArSoft

Central repositories contain the reference copy of the software. A release is made by extracting tagged code from the central repositories and creating a set of relocatable ups products. There is a one-to-one mapping of product to repository. Each repository and the associated product contain LArSoft software components that are within the same layer of functionality. The repository read-write urls are:

Product /
Reference repository url (all in Redmine) lxr
Redmine browser
Framework independent repositories
larcoreobj ssh:///cvs/projects/larcoreobj lxr redmine
larcorealg ssh:///cvs/projects/larcorealg lxr redmine
lardataobj ssh:///cvs/projects/lardataobj lxr redmine
lardataalg ssh:///cvs/projects/lardataalg lxr redmine
larsoftobj ssh:///cvs/projects/larsoftobj
(A product used to set up larcoreobj and lardataobj with a single command.)
Framework dependent repositories
larcore ssh:///cvs/projects/larcore lxr redmine
lardata ssh:///cvs/projects/lardata lxr redmine
larevt ssh:///cvs/projects/larevt lxr redmine
larsim ssh:///cvs/projects/larsim lxr redmine
larreco ssh:///cvs/projects/larreco lxr redmine
larana ssh:///cvs/projects/larana lxr redmine
lareventdisplay ssh:///cvs/projects/lareventdisplay lxr redmine
larexamples ssh:///cvs/projects/larexamples lxr redmine
larpandora ssh:///cvs/projects/larpandora lxr redmine
larsoft ssh:///cvs/projects/larsoft
(A product used to set up the others with a single command.)
read-only access is available via<repo_name>:

Although you can use git clone <repository url> to download a copy of each repository to your local area, additional steps are needed to use, build or develop the software. Go back to Step 1 under Using LArSoft for more information.

In addition to the above repositories, there is an external product larsoft_data that contains certain data files that were previously stored in svn in locations that were included in FW_SEARCH_PATH. Setting up the larsoft product will set up larsoft_data and make the appropriate additions to FW_SEARCH_PATH.

The nutools product contains code that is used by LArSoft and some other neutrino experiments. Information on that product can be found here: