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I am using some "utility" scripts to automate things I do often. Some of these have a "legacy" version linked at the bottom of this page.

  • run lar in a sandbox in background; options to run out of the sandbox, in foreground, and with a profiling tool. Run it with --help. Note that the sandbox requires some care: file paths in the command line should be specified with an absolute path (configuration file should not need that)
  • constantly monitors a running process, relates it to log file advancement and saves memory maps
  • sorts and prints the memory maps saved by or directly in procfs
  • extracts statistics from a lar log file running the Timing service
  • runs the same git command in all the git packages under MRB_SOURCE directory

Tools for memory profiling

valgrid, memcheck, massif, dhap, igperf
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SimpleMemoryCheck (Art module)

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Tools for time profiling

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Profiling of standard runs

Configuration file1 parameters LArSoft version run on profiling tools time per event peak memory usage

prodsingle_lbnefd_memory.fcl -s 10 circa v1_00_02 20140206 none ~1' 2361.6 MiB
20140210 massif running (~50'[2])
standard_reco_lbnefd_memory.fcl -s 10 circa v1_00_02 20140210 none crashed
20140210 massif crashed

Other runs

1 The _memory variant includes the original configuration file ad adds the SimpleMemoryCheck module.

2 This figure excludes the very first event, which could be slowed down by first-time initialization.

Created by: Gianluca Petrillo