Production transition checklist

Due Date Task Status / comments
Fri Jan 17 Transition dry run Finished Jan. 18
Mon Jan 20 Update documentation
Mon Jan 20 After 18:00 - copy and preserve copy
of beta repositories
Mon Jan 20 After above: delete contents of
beta repositories
Tue Jan 21 Test svn lockout script Done. To activate, cp start-commit.closed start-commit. check chmod +x
Tue Jan 21 Deploy svn lockout Done.
Tue Jan 21 Tag final svn release (Rebel/Church) Done.
Create final svn build (Rebel/Church) Done.
Tue Jan 21 Begin svn to git (Garren)
Assume that re-factoring into
lbnecode and uboonecode is performed
in this process
Done. (Will fix re-factoring errors
in new releases.)
Rename "Larsoft (beta)" --> "LArSoft"
and make LArSoft-SVN a sub-project of LArSoft
Copy lbnecode and uboonecode build
files from preserved beta into new
lbnecode and uboonecode
Complete Geometry and include path changes Done.
Create / build / install larsoft v1_00_00 v1_00_01 is released
Thu Jan 23 Create / build / install lbnecode v1_00_00 v1_00_01 is released
Thu Jan 23 Create / build / install uboonecode v1_00_00 v1_00_01 is released
Validate larsoft / lbnecode / uboonecode Adequate for release
Fri Jan 24 Nightly build operating for larsoft /
lbnecode / uboonecode
Fri Jan 24 By 7:00 am, change svn start-commit message Released v1_00_01 at 14:00 CST, 24-Jan-2014.
svn access still open to managers.