Experiment-specific code

Experiment-specific code, such as fcl and geometry (GDML) files, field, are in the experiment-specific git repositories listed in the table below.

Product /
Repository url (all in Redmine) lxr link
(not yet avail)
Redmine browser
dunetpc ssh:///cvs/projects/dunetpc -- redmine
uboonecode ssh:///cvs/projects/uboonecode -- redmine
lariatsoft ssh:///cvs/projects/lariatsoft -- redmine
lar1ndcode ssh:///cvs/projects/lar1ndcode -- redmine
icaruscode ssh:///cvs/projects/icaruscode -- redmine

See the experiment-specific pages for instructions on how to use code in these repositories.

Code moved from core LArSoft to lbnecode (lbnecode was migrated to dunetpc on Aug. 16, 2015)
Code moved from core LArSoft to uboonecode

Note that all files moved from core LArSoft originally had copies in their original locations, but with ".sample" appended to the end of the filename. All of the "sample" files were removed in August, 2015.