Only Update Tags for Select Packages

Prepare a local tag branch

  • check each package separately
  • we will ONLY make a new tag if the code has changed since the last release
  • cd larcore
  • git diff v1_00_05
  • there are no differences, so we will keep this tag
  • cd lardata
  • git diff v1_00_05
  • this package has changes, so the tag must be updated
  • everything in the larsoft suite except larcore depends directly or indirectly on lardata
  • In this case, we want to update the tags of everything except larcore to v1_00_06
  • notice that if, for instance, only larsim has changed, you need to update a much smaller set of packages
  • remove any packages that you do NOT want to tag
  • for instance, if larcore is not changing, remove larcore
  • cd $MRB_SOURCE
  • rm -rf larcore
  • mrb uc
  • now start the release branch
  • ~/larsoft/laradmin/build_tools/tagLAr start v1_00_06
  • double check the new release tags
  • ls $MRB_SOURCE/*/.git/refs/heads/release

Edit the code

  • ~/larsoft/laradmin/build_tools/tagLAr update v1_00_06
  • use mrb uv to change the version of other packages
  • for instance, mrb uv art v1_09_02
  • check */ups/product_deps for any other changes that need to be made

Build debug and prof with the new version

  • since the version in product_deps has changed, make sure this build starts from a fresh login
  • do both the debug and prof builds to be sure there are no hidden problems
  • mrb i -j20
  • double check the installed directories to make sure everything is there
  • This is not yet the official build, the official build needs to be made from a checked out tag

Merge changes with the master branch and tag

  • ~/larsoft/laradmin/build_tools/tagLAr tag v1_00_06
  • Notice that we have not yet updated the develop branch. That step is done AFTER the build is complete and installed.