Truncating commit history at svn to git transition

The git replace --graft command is used to truncate the history. This requires git version 2.13 or better.

Redmine to Github migration of all relevant branches.

This is a copy of script used for truncating the history and rewriting the hashes before pushing to Github. (current version)

Truncating development branch history

Truncating the history of an existing branch in a development clone could use this script:

Runtimes for example feature branch

This is a table of the time it took to run the development branch script using branch feature/MVP1a.

repo runtime # rewritten
larana 0m18.331s 1222
larcore 0m11.186s 761
larcorealg 0m22.399s 1544
larcoreobj 0m0.205s 0
lardata 0m23.491s 1608
lardataalg 0m0.173s 0
lardataobj 0m10.398s 520
larevt 0m9.634s 649
lareventdisplay 0m13.403s 930
larexamples 0m7.436s 509
larg4 0m0.164s 0
larpandora 0m13.518s 895
larreco 1m36.789s 6319
larsim 2m47.225s 8666
larsoft 0m17.011s 1209
larsoftobj 0m0.169s 0
larwirecell 0m0.176s 0