Tips on updating your code after LArSoft release

LArSoft releases happen often, and code that worked fine with one version might even not work on the next.
Here is some tips on updating your code so that it's back and rocking.

Updating an existing MRB area

There are a few steps.

  1. Log in to a fresh session.
  2. Set up the latest version of larsoft with the qualifiers you want to use (e.g. debug or prof).
  3. Move to your local development area.
  4. Create a new local products area:
    mrb newDev -p
  5. (Optional) delete the old product area. This is not required, but if you keep it around it may confuse mrbslp.
  6. Setup the new product area
    source localProducts*/setup
  7. Update all of your checked out repositories to head:
    cd srcs/<repo1>
    git pull
    cd ../<repo2>
    git pull
  8. Do a clean build
    mrb z
    mrb i <your favorite options>

For a detailed example (from a particular project, so there is some project-specific information), look at Upgrade_to_LArSoft_6

Dealing with breaking changes

If you're unsure what a breaking change is, read the description of breaking changes

To help in fixing, there is important information in the Breaking Changes wiki page.

Specific code updates