Special Instructions for Major Releases

See the LArSoft release naming policy

When making a major release upgrade, we make a final release in the current series and then build the new major release from the final tag of the old major release.

Simple cases

  • This release has not required a release candiate branch.
  • Tag and build the final major release (vMM_mm_pp)
  • Start a completely new build
    • tagLAr mkdir v(MM+1)_mm_pp <directory>
    • cd <directory>
    • source p/local*/setup
    • cd $MRB_SOURCE
    • tagLAr patch v(MM+1)_mm_pp vMM_mm_pp
  • Once this is done, make the appropriate changes, test, tag, and build normally

Dealing with release candidate branches

  • make a new build directory
  • use tagLAr to checkout the release candidate branch
    • tagLAr use vxx_yy_zz_rc (or other branch name)
  • use tagLAr to create the release branch
    • tagLAr patch v(MM+1)_mm_pp vMM_mm_pp
  • at this point, you must merge the two branches
    • this is done by hand in each repository
  • resolve problems, build, and test
  • if you have successfully merged the release candidate branch into the release/v(MM+1)_mm_pp branch, you can tag and build normally