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Katherine Lato, 07/16/2014 03:33 PM

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Draft -- 7/16/14

Introduction to LArSoft

Background and History of the Liquid Argon Software (LArSoft) project.

Using LArSoft

  • quick start guide
  • release notes
  • library documentation (e.g. Geometry, RecoAlg, etc.)

Using LArSoft With Your Experiment

  • links to instructions maintained by experiments?
  • notes about how experiment code is meant to interact with LArSoft

Developing With LArSoft

  • other parts of the quick start guide
  • this is where we talk about developing code
  • code guidelines

Getting LArSoft

  • local installs and builds

LArSoft Internals

  • build management, etc.

Miscellaneous Links