Retired Production Releases

These releases are no longer on /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft. However, the necessary files are archived and the release can be restored upon request.

Release Date Purpose Changes / notes Full release notes
v03.06.00 01/15/2015 production release for LBNE MCC1 includes PCA and AuxDet* Release Notes
v03.04.06 12/17/2014 Weekly tag for lbne raw binary data Release Notes
v03.04.00 11/04/2014 Special release includes new PlaneID addition to Calorimetry product, used by MicroBooNE online, for lbne raw binary data Release Notes
v03.03.00 10/16/2014 Weekly tag also update to pandora v00_17, for lbne raw binary data Release Notes
v02.06.02 09/18/2014 Weekly tag Last release with art v1_10_00b Release_Notes_02_06_2
v02.05.01 08/14/2014 MicroBoone production release for the MicroBoone MCC5 challenge Release_Notes_02_05_01
v1.01.00 04/28/2014 First build with art v1_09_02 except for ups/product_deps, this tag is identical to v1_00_08 Release Notes 1.01.00
v1.00.05 03/06/2014 Patch to v1.00.04 Patch to larana needed for uBooNE MCC4 n/a
v1.00.01 01/24/2014 First production
Replica of final svn-based release S2014.01.24. Future LArSoft
development proceeds from this release.
Release Notes 1.00.01