Removing old history

The LArSoft repositories must be cleaned up before they can be migrated to github. We are taking the opportunity to remove old history.
  • In the case of the core repositories, we are removing the very old svn history.
  • Some of the newer repositories retain history from before they were forked from a parent repository. That history will be removed.
  • Not all repositories need this cleanup.
  • Git commit hashes will change when this is done.
  • This step will be done immediately before migrating the repositories from redmine to gitub.
  • Estimated cleanup in terms of size and commits
repo before after before after
size size commits commits
larana 18M 17M 6521 1266
larcore 27M 27M 6032 777
larcorealg 29M 18M 903 732
larcoreobj 2.3M 2.2M 163 163
lardata 19M 18M 6893 1638
lardataalg 99M 99M 416 416
lardataobj 1.3M 1.2M 545 543
lareventdisplay 17M 16M 6246 990
larevt 17M 16M 5930 674
larexamples 16M 15M 5786 530
larg4 0.4M 0.4M 151 150
larpandora 19M 18M 6177 919
lareco 31M 30M 11899 6629
larsim 2000M 86M 7027 1770
larsoft 19M 18M 6521 1263
larsoftobj 0.6M 0.5M 297 297
larwirecell 0.8M 0.7M 364 363