LArSoft suite Release Notes 1.00.01 (2014/24/01)

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LArSoft 1.00.01


First production release of LArSoft suite under git / mrb / ups. Based on a snapshot of svn taken on
21-Jan-2014 after the svn repository was closed to public writes, plus one bug fix (in
larsim/LArG4/LArG4/IonizationAndScintillation*) that was subsquently ported into svn. The svn-based
release S2014.01.24 should be identical to the code in this release.

New features

None relative to S2014.01.24

Bug fixes

None relative to S2014.01.24

Known issues

In larpandora: an include path in larpandora/pandoraservices.fcl has an error. Building a local copy of larpandora against larsoft v1.00.01 fixes it.

List of product dependencies

To be completed...
  • For art, these are links to the top-level release notes pages for each of the changed products.
  • Each product listed has "new version", etc, to indicate what is new
  • Prefer the full list with notations as to "new version", "new product", etc.