LaRsoft v02_03_00 Release Notes

This release is the same as v02_02_01, except that it is built with xrootd v3_3_4a and root v5_34_18d. Note that building with a new root drives new releases of genie, pandora, art, nutools, and ifdh_art.

By request, larsoft v02_03_00 uses art v1_09_04, which is identical to v1_09_03 except for the release of root.

larsoft v02_03_00

  • lareventdisplay v02_03_00
  • larexamples v02_03_00
  • larana v02_03_00
  • larreco v02_03_00
  • larpandora v02_03_00
  • larsoft_data v0_00_04
  • ifdh_art v1_4_2b

lareventdisplay v02_03_00

  • larsim v02_03_00

larexamples v02_03_00

  • larsim v02_03_00

larpandora v02_03_00

  • larsim v02_03_00
  • pandora v00_16a

larana v02_03_00

  • larreco v02_03_00

larreco v02_03_00

  • larsim v02_03_00
  • nutools v1_02_05

larsim v02_03_00

  • larevt v02_03_00
  • genie_xsec R-2_8_0
  • genie_phyopt R-2_8_0

larevt v02_03_00

  • lardata v02_03_00

lardata v02_03_00

  • larcore v02_03_00
  • nutools v1_02_05

larcore v02_03_00

  • art v1_09_04 (new)
  • geant4 v4_9_6_p03b