LArSoft suite Release Notes 0.02.01 (2013/12/13)

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LArSoft 0.02.01 (link to roadmap for the release)


Beta release of git + cmake-based LArSoft release for general public testing of full LArSoft functionality, tool functionality, tool and documentation adequacy. Based on a snapshot of svn LArSoft on Nov 26, 2013.

New features

Bug fixes

Known issues

Issue #5213: GENIE not running
  • Problem will be fixed in the next release
  • Work-around: after setting up the larsoft and <expt>code products:
    unsetup nutools
    setup nutools v1_01_04
    setup genie_xsec R-2_8_0 -q+default
    setup genie_phyopt R-2_8_0 -q+dkcharmtau

See the LArSoft (beta) issue tracker

List of product dependencies

<under construction...>

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