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New features

Bug fixes

  • last minute change in larsim PR 43
    • updated generic vuv photon transport time landau width parameters to fix issue with extrapolation of parameters at the very large distances possible in icarus

Updated dependencies

Change List

larsoft v09_04_01

  • 2020-09-24 Lynn Garren : for larsoft v09_04_01

lareventdisplay v09_00_06

larexamples v09_00_06

larg4 v09_00_05

larpandora v09_01_02

larsimrad v09_00_06

larrecodnn v09_01_01

larwirecell v09_01_02

larana v09_00_06

larreco v09_02_01

larsim v09_03_01

larevt v09_00_05

lardata v09_01_00

larcore v09_00_00

larpandoracontent v03_19_03

larsoftobj v09_01_00

lardataobj v09_00_00

lardataalg v09_01_00

larcorealg v09_00_00

larcoreobj v09_00_00

webevd v09_00_05

larbatch v01_53_01

larutils v1_26_01