LArSoft v08_55_01 Release Notes

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  • changes in develop
  • approved PRs

New features

  • larsoft PR 12
    • add stan, stan_math, and sundials to the larsoft distribution (issue #23688)
    • do some cleanup of the build config scripts
  • larpandoracontent PR 6
    • This PR includes a minor update to ensure LArContent builds with GCC 7.3. Versions of GCC prior to 8 that support C++ 17 issue warnings when there are unused structured bindings. This update avoids this problem. The details can be found in PandoraPFA#126
    • There are no behavioural changes as a result of this update and no experiment code/config changes are necessary.

Bug fixes

  • larg4 PR 11
    • Remove some memory leaks caught by profiler

Updated dependencies

  • stan v2_18_0
  • stan_math v2_18_0
  • sundials v3_2_1

Change List

larsoft v08_55_01

  • 2020-06-16 Lynn Garren : product versions
  • 2020-06-16 Lynn Garren : larsoft v08_55_01 for larsoft v08_55_01
  • 2020-06-12 Lynn Garren : Merge pull request #12 from lgarren/feature/lg_add_stan
  • 2020-06-12 Lynn Garren : add stan and cleanup config files

lareventdisplay v08_12_18

larexamples v08_06_18

larg4 v08_14_04

  • 2020-06-16 Lynn Garren : larg4 v08_14_04 for larsoft v08_55_01
  • 2020-06-11 Lynn Garren : Merge pull request #11 from drivera-fnal/feature_drivera_memleak_cleanup
  • 2020-06-11 David Rivera : Incorporate reviewer's suggestions.
  • 2020-06-09 David Rivera : Merge branch 'develop' into feature_drivera_memleak_cleanup (pull in changes from LARSOFT_SUITE_v08_55_0)
  • 2020-06-09 David Rivera : Remove some commented code. Reduce number of std::endls.
  • 2020-06-09 David Rivera : Use G4AutoDelete to mitigate memory leaks from dynamically allocated G4UserLimits; these cannot be deleted in the normal way because they belong to the corresponding G4LogicalVolumes which are geometry-related split-classes in Geant4. Also changed the setStepLimits function to utilize the LogicalVolumeStore instead of the parser itself. Use a map instead of a vector for the list of override step limits.
  • 2020-06-05 David Rivera : First pass -- delete dynamically allocated GDML parser and reader

larpandora v08_12_11

  • 2020-06-16 Lynn Garren : larpandora v08_12_11 for larsoft v08_55_01

larrecodnn v08_04_03

larwirecell v08_12_15

larana v08_17_10

larreco v08_32_03

larsim v08_27_00

larevt v08_11_08

lardata v08_15_08

larcore v08_11_09

larpandoracontent v03_16_02

  • 2020-06-16 Lynn Garren : larpandoracontent v03_16_02 for larsoft v08_55_01
  • 2020-06-16 Lynn Garren : Merge pull request #6 from PandoraPFA/feature/larpandoracontent_v03_16_02
  • 2020-06-15 Andrew Chappell : Update version and change log
  • 2020-06-15 AndyChappell : Merge pull request #126 from AndyChappell/feature/gcc7
  • 2020-06-15 Andrew Chappell : Allow gcc 7 to compile an unused structured binding

larsoftobj v08_29_01

lardataobj v08_11_01

lardataalg v08_13_13

larcorealg v08_22_01

larcoreobj v08_12_00

webevd v08_00_05

larbatch v01_52_02

larutils v1_25_09