LArSoft v08_27_02 Release Notes

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  • changes in develop
  • approved feature branches

New features

  • optimized GausHitFinder
  • larpandoracontent and larpandora feature/larpandoracontent_v03_15_03
    • A change to the inheritance structure of the master algorithm allowing external uses to register algorithms in the Pandora cosmic and neutrino reconstruction chains.
    • A fix in the untarring command used by the Coverity static analysis tool.
    • A configurable cut added that will skip the reconstruction if an event contains an excessive number of hits (by default this cut is std::numeric_limits<int>::max(), so is effectively off).
    • A modification to the way a matching map between reconstructed and MC particles is used to avoid an exception being thrown when validating the reconstruction. This only occurs in a small number of events.

Bug fixes

Updated dependencies

  • ups v6_0_8
    • Improvements in the setup and setups scripts.
    • Everything else is the same as v6_0_7.

Change List

larsoft v08_27_02

  • 2019-08-06 Lynn Garren : larsoft v08_27_02 for larsoft v08_27_02
  • 2019-08-06 Lynn Garren : update versions

lareventdisplay v08_08_06

  • 2019-08-06 Lynn Garren : lareventdisplay v08_08_06 for larsoft v08_27_02
  • 2019-08-06 Lynn Garren : larsoft v08_27_01
  • 2019-07-25 Usher, Tracy L : Merge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into develop
  • 2019-07-25 Usher, Tracy L : Modifying the size of the output space points, draw "lines" by using closely spaced points.
  • 2019-07-25 Usher, Tracy L : Fix the issue with only displaying raw display for last TPC

larexamples v08_02_13

larg4 v08_03_11

larpandora v08_07_10

  • 2019-08-06 Lynn Garren : larpandora v08_07_10 for larsoft v08_27_02

larwirecell v08_05_11

larana v08_10_06

  • 2019-08-06 Lynn Garren : larana v08_10_06 for larsoft v08_27_02

larreco v08_16_03

  • 2019-08-06 Lynn Garren : Merge branch 'develop' into release/v08_27_02
  • 2019-08-06 Lynn Garren : only use the OpenMP flags when OpenMP is found
  • 2019-08-06 Lynn Garren : larreco v08_16_03 for larsoft v08_27_02
  • 2019-08-06 Lynn Garren : larsoft v08_27_01
  • 2019-08-01 Aaron Higuera Pichardo : Fix a bug in the initialize of the hit position and remove detprop->ConvertTicksToX()
  • 2019-07-31 Tingjun Yang : Change hit index to be the index in the whole hit collection rather than hits associated with the shower.
  • 2019-07-26 Sophie Berkman : Make ROOT fitter the default hit finder.
  • 2019-07-25 Lynn Garren : pragma needs to be on outermost loop
  • 2019-07-25 Lynn Garren : remove unused variable
  • 2019-07-25 Lynn Garren : fix header path
  • 2019-07-25 Lynn Garren : Merge branch 'develop' into feature/team_gshf-larsoft
  • 2019-07-18 Lynn Garren : Add GSHF Marqdt fitter and account for offset (startTime) in waveform

larsim v08_11_01

larevt v08_06_04

lardata v08_07_02

larcore v08_04_07

larpandoracontent v03_15_03

  • 2019-08-06 Lynn Garren : larpandoracontent v03_15_03 for larsoft v08_27_02

larsoftobj v08_17_01

lardataobj v08_04_07

lardataalg v08_08_02

larcorealg v08_14_00

larcoreobj v08_05_01

larbatch v01_51_06

  • 2019-08-06 Lynn Garren : larbatch v01_51_06 for larsoft v08_27_02
  • 2019-07-31 Herbert Greenlee : Improve handling of file list queries and file list definitions.
  • 2019-07-30 Herbert Greenlee : Remove directory from arguments of --init-script, --init-source, and --end-script options.

larutils v1_24_00