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larsoft v06_26_01_15

  • 2018-10-22 Lynn Garren : larsoft v06_26_01_15 and remove larbatch and larutils from the distribution

lareventdisplay v06_02_14_14

larexamples v06_01_15_10

larpandora v06_08_00_14

larwirecell v06_00_13_10

larana v06_03_18_15

  • 2018-10-22 Lynn Garren : larana v06_03_18_15 for larsoft v06_26_01_15
  • 2017-12-12 Usher, Tracy L : Reconcile start/end ticks from hit to search with the convention used by the original backtracker

larreco v06_20_00_14

larsim v06_13_01_10

larevt v06_07_09_08

lardata v06_14_04_06

larcore v06_05_03_03

larpandoracontent v03_07_02_05

larsoftobj v1_11_00_06

lardataobj v1_11_00_06

larcoreobj v1_06_02_03