LArSoft v05_00_02 Release Notes

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  • Add a few more cases to

New features

Breaking Changes

  • To update local code, run and
    • setup larsoft v05_00_02 (with qualifiers)
    • --doit <mydir>
    • <mydir>
    • It is safe to run the scripts more than once on the same code.
    • You can run the scripts in either order.
  • There may be more changes required by the new core services changes than can be dealt with in a script.
    • These changes are already in place for argoneutcode, dunetpc, lar1ndcode, lariatsoft, and uboonecode.
  • If you want to test code in your favorite feature branch, it might be easier in some cases to check out the appropriate v05 tag, then merge your changes rather than rely on the translation scripts to perform all the necessary architecture changes.
  • In all cases, please make sure your code is up to date with larsoft v04_31_01 before attempting a merge.

Updated dependencies

Change List

larsoft v05_00_02

  • 2016-02-16 Lynn Garren : larsoft v05_00_02 for larsoft v05_00_02
  • 2016-02-16 Lynn Garren : a few more
  • 2016-02-16 Lynn Garren : um ...
  • 2016-02-16 Lynn Garren : a few more fixes

lareventdisplay v05_00_01

larexamples v05_00_01

larpandora v05_00_01

larana v05_00_01

larreco v05_00_01

larsim v05_00_01

larevt v05_00_01

lardata v05_00_01

larcore v05_00_01

larbatch v01_20_03

larutils v1_05_01