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h1. Quick Links

Quick Start Guides - experiment specific
** "MicroBooNE":
** "DUNE":
** "ProtoDUNE--DUNE 35-t":
** "SBND":
** "ArgoNeuT":
** "LArIAT":
** "ICARUS":
** "LArSoft General Quick Start Guide": (For new experiments to use as a base for developing a guide.)

"List of LArSoft releases":

"List of supported platforms":

"Packages and dependencies":

"Working with GitHub and LArSoft pull requests": requests":

"Training videos and presentations on LArSoft":

"A video introduction to LArSoft by Ruth Pordes and Erica Snider":
"PDF of the paper for the above video":

"Presentations in Indico":