Procedure to create a new version of larsoft_data, uboone_data, etc.

This procedure also works for uboone_data, or any similar product.
Only release managers will have the appropriate permissions for all steps.
If you are not a release manager, send email to the LArSoft team.

Work in a local product directory, <product_dir>
  1. make sure you have a good copy of the latest release
  2. cd <product_dir>/larsoft_data
  3. cp -r vx_yy_zz va_bb_cc
    • where x_yy_zz is the existing version, a_bb_cc is the new
  4. declare the new version
    ups declare larsoft_data va_bb_cc -f NULL -m larsoft_data.table -r larsoft_data/va_bb_cc
  5. Create a new tarball
    1. setup larutils <version>
      • where <version> is at least v1_00_01
    2. <product_topdir> <product_name> va_bb_cc
      • this creates a tarball in <product_topdir>/<product_name>
  6. upload to the distribution server
    • copyToSciSoft <product_topdir>/<product_name>/<product_name>
    • This step requires appropriate permissions.
  7. install in /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft, or other appropriate product directory
    • This step requires appropriate permissions.
  8. update cvmfs
    • This step requires appropriate permissions.