Problems not yet resolved

uboonecode memory issue

Herb reports that jobs consume about twice as much memory.
This problem will be resolved when we build with art 1.19.xx.


When we disable fast cloning for ci_reco1_regression_test_uboonecode, the test appears to hang. Using lar --trace the hang occurs in module for event:fuzzyclustermerger. We also notice that GausHitFinder takes significantly longer than when running with root 5. A build of the head of the v06_00_00_rc branch is available on woof. We are hoping to get a handle on this problem before tagging v06_00_00_rc3.

RESOLVED: Migration_to_root_6

To reproduce the problem on woof by running the CI tests:

source /home/garren/scratch/larsoft/citest/
mkdir <ci_test_dir>
cd <ci_test_dir>
setup uboonecode v06_00_00_rc2 -q e9:prof
setup lar_ci v2_0_2
test_runner quick_test_uboonecode

This will complain, and only run some of the tests, but you will see it hang.

run the problematic test by hand:

source /products/setup
export PRODUCTS=/home/garren/scratch/larsoft/citest/prd:${PRODUCTS}
setup uboonecode v06_00_00_rc2 -q e9:prof
mkdir <manual_test_dir>
cd <manual_test_dir>
ln -s /pnfs/uboone/scratch/users/vito/ci_tests_inputfiles/prodgenie_bnb_nu_cosmic_uboone_Reference_detsim_default.root
ln -s /pnfs/uboone/scratch/users/vito/ci_tests_inputfiles/prodgenie_bnb_nu_cosmic_uboone_Reference_reco1_default.root
ln -s /pnfs/uboone/scratch/users/vito/ci_tests_inputfiles/Reco1RandomSeeds_Ref.dat
cp $UBOONECODE_DIR/job/ci_test_reco1_uboonecode.fcl .
cp $UBOONECODE_DIR/job/reco_uboone_stage_1.fcl .
lar --rethrow-all -n 1 -o prodgenie_bnb_nu_cosmic_uboone_Current_reco1.root --config ci_test_reco1_uboonecode.fcl prodgenie_bnb_nu_cosmic_uboone_Reference_detsim_default.root --trace

You can edit the local reco_uboone_stage_1.fcl file.