Pass 1 notes

setup the working directory

  • working on woof using tools in laradmin v1_08_00
  • setup mrb and laradmin
  • define MRB_PROJECT
  • tagLAr mkdir v05_00_00 `pwd`
  • cd v05_00_00
  • source p/localProducts_larsoft_v05_00_00_e7_prof/setup
  • cd srcs
  • mrb g lar1ndcode
  • mrb g lariatsoft
  • we now have argoneutcode, dunetpc, lar1ndcode, lariatsoft, uboonecode, and larsoft

create the working tag

  • for larsoft, create the v05_00_branch from the LARSOFT_SUITE_v04_36_01 tag
  • for everything else, create the v05_00_branch from develop
  • setup laradmin v1_08_01 -z /home/garren/scratch/larsoft/myprod:/products
  • LARSOFT_SUITE_v04_36_01


    • this script moved the directories down and removes BASENAME_ONLY
  • edit lar*/CMakeList.txt by hand
    • multiple add_subdirectory calls are collapsed to a single call
  • the refactor script created the lar*/lar*/CMakeLists.txt files but did not populate them
    • some bug in the script - not worth finding at this point
    • edit by hand
    • add the add_subdirectory calls removed from lar*/CMakeLists.txt
  • BASENAME_ONLY has not been removed from test libraries
    • larcore, larevt, larsim
    • make this change by hand
    • creates
    • creates
    • creates
  • some files must be edited by hand to make a single library instead of multiple libraries
    • larsim/larsim/LArG4/CMakeLists.txt
    • larreco/larreco/HitFinder/CMakeLists.txt
    • larana/larana/OpticalDetector/CMakeLists.txt

end user scripts

We use the same scripts that the end user will use to fix their code.

  • in larsoft, merge the v05_00_00_rc branch to pick up the scripts in larsoft/bin
  • compare and larsoft/bin/
  • compare and larsoft/bin/
  • comare and larsoft/bin/
  • cd $MRB_SOURCE
  • ./larsoft/bin/


  • update the versions of the larsoft suite
    • build and fix
  • changes
    • remove "temporary workaround until art v1_12_01 is available" from lardata/RecoBase/CMakeLists.txt
    • identical names
      • lar1ndcode/lar1ndcode/AnalysisTree/
      • uboonecode/uboone/AnalysisTree/
    • edit these files:
      • lar1ndcode/lar1ndcode/AnalysisTree/*.fcl
      • lar1ndcode/lar1ndcode/AnalysisTree/CMakeLists.txt
      • uboonecode/uboone/AnalysisTree/*.fcl
      • uboonecode/uboone/AnalysisTree/CMakeLists.txt
  • find a few missing entries for
  • iterate until everything builds

known issues

  • argoneutcode geometry_iterator_loop_argoneut_test
    • This test uses geometry_microboone.fcl, which is found in uboonecode
    • The test passes only if you build and test argoneutcode and uboonecode at the same time.

commit and tag

  • larcore larevt larpandora larsoft larana lardata larexamples larreco lareventdisplay larsim
    • commit the changes
    • git push -u origin v05_00_branch
    • git tag -a -m"v05_00_00" v05_00_00
    • git push --tags
  • argoneutcode dunetpc lariatsoft uboonecode lar1ndcode
    • commit the changes
    • git push -u origin v05_00_branch