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Lynn Garren, 11/01/2015 06:57 PM

Older Releases

These releases are no longer installed on /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft or cvmfs, but can be recovered if necessary.

Release Date Purpose Changes / notes Full release notes
v03.04.05 12/10/2014 Weekly tag Fix #7460 Release Notes
v03.04.04 12/03/2014 Weekly tag Adding an ART association between recob::PFParticle and recob::Seed Release Notes
v03.04.03 11/24/2014 Weekly tag Release Notes
v03.04.02 11/20/2014 Weekly tag includes new releases of art, nutools, and root Release Notes
v03.04.01 11/12/2014 Weekly tag Release Notes
v03.03.02 10/28/2014 Weekly tag Release Notes
v03.03.01 10/22/2014 Weekly tag Release Notes
v03.02.00 10/06/2014 bug fix for #7076 includes change since v03_01_00 Release Notes
v03.01.00 09/26/2014 bug fix for #7068 Still cannot use newer releases of xrootd Release Notes
v03.00.00 09/24/2014 move to gcc 4.9.1 First release with art v1_12_00 Release Notes
v02.06.01 09/10/2014 Weekly tag Release_Notes_02_06_1
v02.06.00 09/04/2014 First build with art v1_10_00b Except for required changes, the code is identical to v02_05_03 Release_Notes_02_06_00
v02.05.03 09/03/2014 Weekly tag last release with art v1_09_04 Release_Notes_02_05_03
v02.05.02 08/27/2014 Weekly tag includes fcl changes Release_Notes_02_05_02
v02.05.00 08/12/2014 MicroBoone request leading up to MicroBoone MCC5 challenge Release_Notes_02_05_00
v02.04.00 08/06/2014 Weekly tag has many changes leading up to MicroBoone MCC5 Release_Notes_02_04_00
v02.03.02 07/31/2014 Weekly tag Release_Notes_02_03_02
v02.03.01 07/23/2014 Weekly tag Release_Notes_02_03_01
v02.03.00 07/18/2014 root 5.34.18d build with art v1_09_04, which is v1_09_03 with a new root Release_Notes_02_03_00
v02.02.01 07/15/2014 Weekly tag
v02.02.00 07/01/2014 Weekly tag MCBase added to lardata. Uses nutools v1_02_04.
v02.01.01 06/20/2014 TimeService This release includes both the new TimeService and pandora v00_16.
v02.00.01 06/03/2014 Weekly tag
v02.00.00 05/28/2014 merge ROI Region of Interest code changes

Initial Releases