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This will be the new home of the LArSoft redmine project. For the current version of this page, please visit the "current wiki":

h1. LArSoftWiki

*Under construction...* Will go live when the migration to git/cmake is completed.

The LArSoft software is designed to work for all planned and running liquid argon experiments at Fermilab. It is written in C++ and built on the "ROOT": data analysis software and the "FMWK": framework for HEP experiments. The releases of the software are managed using an "SRT": distribution.

To join the LArSoft mailing list, please follow these "instructions": using the list name LARSOFT.

h1. Preliminaries

* Basic concepts and organization
* Where to find the software

* Access to Fermilab computing
* Load balanced access to GPCF VMs

h2. Accessing LArSoft

* Repositories
* Browsing the software

h2. Release notes

| *Release* | *Date* | *Purpose* | *Changes / notes* | *Full release notes* |
| v0.00.04| 9/15/2013| "alpha" release | First release of git/cmake/ups-based LArSoft products
Used for mrb, configuration and re-factoring
development and testing | N/A |
| v0.00.0x| 11/28/2013| "beta" release | Second full release under new system. Used for broad
user testing with full tool set (basic mrb funcionality).| N/A|
| v1.00.00| Dec 2013 | First production
release | Replica of final svn-based release. Future LArSoft development
proceeds from this release. | xxx |

h1. Documentation

h2. LArSoft

h2. Development workflow

h2. General user workflow

h2. Tools for working with the software

* git
* git flow
* mrb : the multi-repository build tool

* Basic workflow
* Using git
* Multi-repository build

h1. How to

h2. Advanced technical how-to's

h2. Release procedures

h1. Walk-through exercises