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Erica Snider, 10/31/2013 06:48 PM

If you are looking for the legacy cvs LArSoft site, all content has been moved to LArSoft cvs (legacy site).

This will be the new home of the LArSoft redmine project. For the current version of this page, please visit the current wiki.


Under construction

The LArSoft software is designed to work for all planned and running liquid argon experiments at Fermilab. It is written in C++ and built on the ROOT data analysis software and the FMWK framework for HEP experiments. The releases of the software are managed using an SRT distribution.

To join the LArSoft mailing list, please follow these instructions using the list name LARSOFT.

LArSoft documentation

Getting Access to FNAL Computing

In order to work on LArSoft development you will need to have access to the FNAL computing resources. The procedure for getting a FNAL account is described at

If you will be in residence at the lab, follow the instructions for an on-site visitor. If you will be based at your home institution, follow the instructions for an off-site visitor.

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