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h1. LArSoftWiki

The LArSoft software is designed to work for all planned and running liquid argon experiments at Fermilab. It is written in C++ and built on the "ROOT": data analysis software and the "FMWK": framework for HEP experiments. The releases of the software are managed using an "SRT": distribution.

h1. LArSoft documentation

* [[Accessing LArSoft]]
* Using LArSoft
o [[Fermilab Installation]]
o [[Nevis Installation]]
o [[Installing a Local Copy]]
o [[Editing Code]]
o [[Adding A Package to LArSoft]]
o [[Creating new reconstruction or simulation algorithms]]
o [[Running Jobs]]
* [[Package Documentation]]
o [[Namespace]]-to-package correspondence

* How-tos
o [[Getting started with an analysis task]]
o [[Creating GDML]] files for the LArSoft detector description
o [[Interactive ROOT sessions]]
o [[Backtracking the simulation]]
o Working with the [[eve ID]], that is, the ultimate mother particle in a simulated shower
o [[EventGenerator|Generating events]]
o Running jobs [[outside Fermilab]]
* [[Trouble Shooting]] and Gotchas
* Available files
o [[Data]]
o [[Monte Carlo]]

h1. Getting Access to FNAL Computing

In order to work on LArSoft development you will need to have access to the FNAL computing resources. The procedure for getting a FNAL account is described at

If you will be in residence at the lab, follow the instructions for an on-site visitor. If you will be based at your home institution, follow the instructions for an off-site visitor.

h1. Useful Links

* "LArSoft doxygen":
* "FMWK wiki":