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[[larsoft-cvs:| LArSoft-cvs wiki for the legacy cvs-based LArSoft project]]

[[larsoftsvn:| LArSoft-svn wiki for the legacy svn-based LArSoft project]]

h1. LArSoftWiki

As of Jan 24, 2014, LArSoft has transitioned from svn / SRT to git / mrb / ups. These pages will be in flux for the next week or so until the documentation updates are completed.

The LArSoft software is designed to work for all planned and running liquid argon experiments at Fermilab. It is written in C++ and built on the "ROOT": data analysis software, and the "art": analysis framework supported by the Fermilab Scientific Computing Division for intensity frontier experiments.

h1. Preliminaries

* Fermilab computing accounts: see the [[larsoftsvn:Fermilab Computing Access]] page if you need an account.
* See [[larsoftsvn:Load Balanced Access to General Purpose VMs]] for information on accessing experiment VMs at Fermilab (e.g., lbnegpvm0X, uboonegpvm0X, etc., collectively known as GPCF.).
* See the [[LArSoftWiki#documentation|documentation section below]] for information on working with LArSoft, and using git, git flow, mrb and other tools you will need.
* *[[ Supported platforms ]]*
* To join the LArSoft mailing list, please follow "these instructions":http://listserv.fnal.go/users/asp#subscribe%20to%20list using the list name LARSOFT
* To get write access to the repositories, send email to,,,

h2. Where to find the software

* [[ LArSoft repositories, packages and dependencies | What are the repository names and what is in them?]]
* [[ moduleAuthors | LArSoft module authors ]]
* [[ The Fermilab core LArSoft installation | The core LArSoft installation at Fermilab ]]
* [[ Experiment-specific code and re-factoring ]]
* [[ Sub-package locations ]] (e.g., in which repository can I find the @HitFinder@ sub-package?)
* [[ Download instructions ]]
* [[ LArSoft cvmfs ]]

h3. "LArSoft Doxygen":

h1. Releases

[[LArSoft release list|List of LArSoft releases.]] (Temporarily includes lbnecode and uboonecode)

h1. Documentation

h2. Overview of the user and developer environment

* [[ The user environment ]]
* [[ The developer environment ]]

h2. Working with LArSoft

h3. How to use the repositories and the build system

* *[[ Quick-start guide to using and developing LArSoft code ]]*
* [[ LArSoft repositories, packages and dependencies ]]

h3. The framework and the LArSoft suite

* [[larsoftsvn:Using the Framework]]
* "ART Tutorial":
* [[larsoftsvn:NuSoft and LArSoft|nutools and LArSoft]]
* [[Using LArSoft on the GPVM nodes]]
* [[larsoftsvn:Geometry]]
* [[larsoftsvn:Reconstruction]]
* [[larsoftsvn:Simulation]]
* [[larsoftsvn:Space Points]]
* [[larsoftsvn:Seed Finding and Bezier Tracking]]
* [[larsoftsvn:Optical Simulations]]

* "Past LArSoft meeting presentations -- A wealth of physics/technical information (some of which may be out of date since the transition to git / mrb / ups).":

h2. Links to the tools used to work with the software

git and git flow:
* [[cet-is-public:git flow quick start]] (edited 2/4/2013).
* [[cet-is-public:GitTipsAndTricks|Git Tips and Tricks]] (Note that "git help" works, but "man git" and "git help <command>" does not on any of the gpvm machines. Nor do any of the "git <command> -h" commands.) For the purposes of LArSoft development, please please ignore the workflow advice as anything other than an example of how to use various git commands to do specific tasks.

Understanding CMakeLists.txt and product_deps files
* [[cet-is-public:Cetbuildtools cmake modules]]: such as @cet_make@ and @cet_add_compiler_flags@. Used in @CMakeLists.txt@ files throughout LArSoft
* [[cet-is-public:Art cmake modules]]: such as @art_make@ and @simple_plugin@. Used in @CMakeLists.txt@ files throughout LArSoft
* [[cet-is-public:Defining products in the CET build environment]]: explains the @product_deps@ file
* [[cet-is-public:AddingProductDependencies|Adding Product Dependencies]]: how to edit the @product_deps@ and @CMakeLists.txt@ files to add dependencies
* [[cet-is-public:CodeTips|Various helpful tips for coding in the CET C++ environment]]: things you hope you never need to know
* [[cet-is-public:Building your own code with cmake]]: pointer to a _really_ simple example

mrb and ups:
* mrb : the multi-repository build tool
* Re-locatable ups
* [[cet-is-public:AboutQualifiers|About qualifiers]]: the things after "-q" in setup <prod> <ver> -q <qual>

h1. How-to

* [[ AnalysisExample | Getting started with an analysis task ]]

h2. Advanced technical how-to's

h2. Release procedures

h2. [[ LArSoft cvmfs ]]

h1. Walk-through exercises

h1. LArSoft code management and distribution

* [[Adding / removing users]]
* [[Admin scripts]]
* [[Procedure to create a new version of larsoft_data]]
* [[Installation procedures]]
* [[Nightly builds]]
* [[Integration build and test system]]
* [[Release notes template]]

h1. Working areas

[[Beta re-factoring]]

[[ Detailed documentation on using and developing LArSoft code ]] : under development -- not a resource

[[ Production transition checklist ]]

Draft quick start revisions ]]

[[ Profiling LArSoft ]]

Old pages that are no longer relevant or maintainted: pages:

* [[Beta re-factoring]]
*Beta testers: [[ Special instructions for beta testers | read this first ]]*
* *[[ Special instructions for beta testers ]]*
* [[LArSoft *[[LArSoft production transition timeline|Timeline for the production migration to git / mrb / ups]]
* [[ Production transition checklist ]]