Manually trigger a CI test

Whenever possible, it is best to use the github trigger build option. However, when a PR needs to be tested along with a feature branch in experiment code, the CI must be triggered manually.

Trigger a CI build with experiment feature branches

the trigger option that handles LArSoft PRs and feature branches from experiment code is --revisions,
a command example would look like:

trigger --build-delay 0 --cert ${CI_CERT} --version develop --workflow default_wf --revisions

(the field separator can be either space or comma)

the options --version develop and --workflow default_wf in this example are using the default values.

To get the cert, it is enough to run the kx509 command, then the cert path can be provided to the option --cert or pointed through an environment variable.

Eventually the trigger command can include the option to select the platform (slf6, slf7, both if omitted)

--force-platform slf7

and to select qualifiers
--quals e19:py2:prof (this is the default, for the slf7 the 'py2' is automatically removed from the qualifier)


The certificate is generated in /tmp

$ kx509
Authorizing ...... authorized
Fetching certificate ..... fetched
Storing certificate in /tmp/x509up_u1147
Your certificate is valid until: Wed Feb 26 12:58:18 2020

Get the environment:

source /cvmfs/
setup lar_ci

Trigger a build:

$ trigger --build-delay 0 --cert /tmp/x509up_u1147 --version develop --workflow default_wf --revisions "LArSoft/larsoft#8 LArSoft/larsim#6 dunetpc@feature/lg_LegacyLArG4" 
Checking if /tmp/x509up_u1147 can be reused ... yes
Triggering CI build
workflow: default_wf
trigger attempt # 1/10
trigger exit status: 0 
trigger of CI build succeeded