Release Managers and Offline Coordinators

Release Managers

LArSoft itself and each experiment have a release manager.
Release Manager
LArSoft Common Lynn Garren
MicroBoone Katherine Woodruff, Herb Greenlee
DUNE Dave Adams
Argoneut Tingjun Yang
LArIAT Jonathan Asaadi/Andrzej Szelc
SBND Tom Brooks
ICARUS Tracy Usher

Relevant Meetings

Meeting Frequency Time/Location Organizer
LArSoft Coordination Meeting biweekly Tue 9 am Erica Snider
LArSoft Steering Group Meeting quarterly Varies Erica Snider

Offline coordinators

Experiment Coordinators
ArgoNeuT Tingjun Yang
DUNE Tingjun Yang
LArIAT Jonathan Asaadi
MicroBooNE Herb Greenlee, Tracy Usher
SBND Andrzej Szelc
ICARUS Tracy Usher