LArSoft responsiblities for patch releases


Manager permissions for larsoft redmine projects

  • Add the requested users to the larsoft redmine "Larsoft Managers" group.
  • Remove users who no longer have patch release building responsibilities.
  • An email should be sent to Erica Snider requesting that the users be added or removed.

Initial setup - one time steps for each set of patch releases

The LArSoft release manager will make the larsoft patch branches and do the housecleaning.

Make branches for the release

  • If a release is named vaa_bb_cc, branches will be created for the larsoft/larsoftobj suite with the name vaa_bb_cc_br.
    (setup the latest larreltools)
    setup mrb
    export MRB_PROJECT=larsoft
    mrb newDev -v  vaa_bb_cc -q eN:prof 
    source local*/setup
    cd $MRB_SOURCE
    mrb g -t LARSOFT_SUITE_vAA_BB_CC larsoft_suite
    mrb g -t LARSOFT_SUITE_vAA_BB_CC larsoftobj_suite
    dogit branch (check that you are on the head of the tag)
    dogit "co -b vaa_bb_cc_br" 
    dogit "push -u origin vaa_bb_cc_br" 
    • Note that some older patch releases may have used a slightly different branch naming scheme.
  • We do not make patches for larbatch, larutils, or larpandoracontent.
    • larpandoracontent depends only on pandora.
    • Any changes required in larpandoracontent are made by the UK pandora team.


  • cd $MRB_SOURCE/larsoft/releaseDB
  • Make sure that larutils, larbatch, and mrb are removed from the cfg scripts.
    • We might streamline this by creating a small "larsoft extras" distribution that can be optionally included.
  • commit and push the change