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Lynn Garren, 04/24/2015 09:05 AM

LArSoft release list

LArSoft release naming and retention policy

When breaking changes are introduced in the code, they are usually documented more extensively in the Breaking Changes page.
Consider taking a look at it on each update, since the breakage could be subtler than just a compilation error.
See What to do when there is a new release

Release versions in bold font will be preserved according to the production release retention policy.

Release Date Purpose Changes / notes Full release notes
v04.06.00 04/24/2015 Integration release Release Notes
v04.05.00 04/16/2015 integration release Release Notes
v04.04.00 04/09/2015 Weekly tag for MicroBooNE MCC6 reconstruction Release Notes
v04.03.03 04/01/2015 Weekly tag Release Notes
v04.03.02 03/27/2015 Weekly tag uses cetbuildtools v4_09_01 Release Notes
v04.03.01 03/19/2015 Weekly tag uses cetbuildtools v4_08_01 Release Notes
v04.03.00 03/13/2015 First build with art v1_13_01 the code is identical to v04.02.02 Release Notes
v04.02.02 03/12/2015 Weekly tag final release in the v04.02 series Release Notes
v04.02.01 03/11/2015 hotfix for v04_02_00 fix bug in ClusterCrawler Release Notes
v04.02.00 03/05/2015 production release for MicroBooNE MCC6 simulation Release Notes
v04.01.00 02/27/2015 integration tag for MCC6 Release Notes
v04.00.01 02/19/2015 Weekly tag for MicroBooNE MCC6 and LBNE MCC2 Release Notes
v04.00.00 02/12/2015 First release for MCC6 DataProduct changes Release Notes
v03.08.02 02/12/2015 Final tag rollup tag preceeding v04_00_00 Release Notes
v04.00.00.rc1 02/06/2015 Release candidate on branch v04_00_rc Release Notes
v03.08.01 02/04/2015 Weekly tag Release Notes
v03.08.00 01/29/2015 integration tag working towards MCC6 Release Notes
v03.07.00 01/21/2015 Weekly tag Bezier track Release Notes
v03.06.00 01/15/2015 production release for LBNE MCC1 includes PCA and AuxDet* Release Notes
v03.05.01 01/07/2015 larreco update for LBNE requested build Release Notes
v03.05.00 01/05/2015 Weekly tag new UniqueRangeSet Release Notes
v03.04.06 12/17/2014 Weekly tag for lbne raw binary data Release Notes
v03.04.05 12/10/2014 Weekly tag Fix #7460 Release Notes
v03.04.04 12/03/2014 Weekly tag Adding an ART association between recob::PFParticle and recob::Seed Release Notes
v03.04.03 11/24/2014 Weekly tag Release Notes
v03.04.02 11/20/2014 Weekly tag includes new releases of art, nutools, and root Release Notes
v03.04.01 11/12/2014 Weekly tag Release Notes
v03.04.00 11/04/2014 Special release includes new PlaneID addition to Calorimetry product, used by MicroBooNE online, for lbne raw binary data Release Notes
v03.03.02 10/28/2014 Weekly tag Release Notes
v03.03.01 10/22/2014 Weekly tag Release Notes
v03.03.00 10/16/2014 Weekly tag also update to pandora v00_17, for lbne raw binary data Release Notes
v03.02.00 10/06/2014 bug fix for #7076 includes change since v03_01_00 Release Notes
v03.01.00 09/26/2014 bug fix for #7068 Still cannot use newer releases of xrootd Release Notes
v03.00.00 09/24/2014 move to gcc 4.9.1 First release with art v1_12_00 Release Notes
v02.06.02 09/18/2014 Weekly tag Last release with art v1_10_00b Release_Notes_02_06_2
v02.06.01 09/10/2014 Weekly tag Release_Notes_02_06_1
v02.06.00 09/04/2014 First build with art v1_10_00b Except for required changes, the code is identical to v02_05_03 Release_Notes_02_06_00
v02.05.03 09/03/2014 Weekly tag last release with art v1_09_04 Release_Notes_02_05_03
v02.05.02 08/27/2014 Weekly tag includes fcl changes Release_Notes_02_05_02
v02.05.01 08/14/2014 MicroBoone production release for the MicroBoone MCC5 challenge Release_Notes_02_05_01
v02.05.00 08/12/2014 MicroBoone request leading up to MicroBoone MCC5 challenge Release_Notes_02_05_00
v02.04.00 08/06/2014 Weekly tag has many changes leading up to MicroBoone MCC5 Release_Notes_02_04_00
v02.03.02 07/31/2014 Weekly tag Release_Notes_02_03_02
v02.03.01 07/23/2014 Weekly tag Release_Notes_02_03_01
v02.03.00 07/18/2014 root 5.34.18d build with art v1_09_04, which is v1_09_03 with a new root Release_Notes_02_03_00
v02.02.01 07/15/2014 Weekly tag
v02.02.00 07/01/2014 Weekly tag MCBase added to lardata. Uses nutools v1_02_04.
v02.01.01 06/20/2014 TimeService This release includes both the new TimeService and pandora v00_16.
v02.00.01 06/03/2014 Weekly tag
v02.00.00 05/28/2014 merge ROI Region of Interest code changes
v1.01.00 04/28/2014 First build with art v1_09_02 except for ups/product_deps, this tag is identical to v1_00_08 Release Notes 1.01.00
v1.00.08 04/24/2014 Full tag before building with art v1_09_02 Release Notes 1.00.08
v1.00.07 03/06/2014 Weekly tag n/a
v1.00.06 03/31/2014 Weekly tag n/a
v1.00.05 03/06/2014 Patch to v1.00.04 Patch to larana needed for uBooNE MCC4 n/a
v1.00.04 03/04/2014 Integration release Incorporate all changes to date. Severe memory leak fixed
in uBooNE simulation. New cetbuidltools
Release Notes 1.00.04
v1.00.03 02/25/2014 Integration release Incorporate all changes to date. New mrb features. Release Notes 1.00.03
v1.00.02 02/04/2014 Integration release Incorporate first set of bugs and configuration issues found.
Includes fixes for all compiler warnings. Werror enabled.
First release with OSX Mountain Lion support.
Release Notes 1.00.02
v1.00.01 01/24/2014 First production
Replica of final svn-based release S2014.01.24. Future LArSoft
development proceeds from this release.
Release Notes 1.00.01

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