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Lynn Garren, 07/01/2016 10:41 AM

LArSoft release list

LArSoft release naming and retention policy

When breaking changes are introduced in the code, they are usually documented more extensively in the Breaking Changes page.
Consider taking a look at it on each update, since the breakage could be subtler than just a compilation error.
See What to do when there is a new release

Release versions in bold font will be preserved according to the production release retention policy.

Release Date Purpose Changes / notes Full release notes
future Changes Expected for Future Releases
v06.00.00.rc6 07/01/2016 Release Candidate matches v05_14_00 Release Notes
v05.14.00 06/29/2016 Integration release Release Notes
v06.00.00.rc5 06/23/2016 Release Candidate matches v05_13_00 Release Notes
v05.13.00 06/16/2016 Integration release Release Notes
v05.12.01 06/09/2016 Weekly tag Release Notes
v06.00.00.rc4 06/07/2016 Release Candidate with art 2.00.02 Release Notes
v05.12.00 05/26/2016 Integration release Release Notes
v06.00.00.rc3 05/16/2016 Release Candidate with root 6 Release Notes
v05.11.01 05/11/2016 Weekly tag Release Notes
v05.11.00 05/04/2016 Integration release Release Notes
v06.00.00.rc2 04/29/2016 Release Candidate with root 6 Release Notes
v05.10.00 04/28/2016 Integration release nutools bug fix Release Notes
v05.09.01 04/20/2016 Production release DUNE MCC6 production Release Notes
v06.00.00.rc1 04/15/2016 Release Candidate with root 6 Release Notes
v05.09.00 04/15/2016 Integration release Release Notes
v04.36.00.03 04/13/2016 Production release for MicroBooNE Release Notes
v05.08.00 04/08/2016 Production release for MicroBooNE Release Notes
v05.07.00 03/31/2016 Integration release Release Notes
v05.06.00 03/24/2016 Integration release first release with geant4 10.1.p03 Release Notes
v05.05.00 03/23/2016 Integration release Release Notes
v05.04.00 03/17/2016 Integration release pandora 2.06.00 Release Notes
v05.02.00 03/09/2016 Integration release Release Notes
v05.01.02 03/02/2016 Weekly tag Release Notes
v05.01.01 02/24/2016 Weekly tag Release Notes
v05.01.00 02/18/2016 Integration release Release Notes
v05.00.02 02/16/2016 hot fix Release Notes
v05.00.01 02/15/2016 Major update refactored Release Notes
v04.36.01 02/09/2016 Weekly tag Final release before v05 Release Notes
v04.36.00 02/04/2016 Production release for MCC7 Release Notes
v04.35.00 01/29/2016 Integration release First release with art v1_17_07 Release Notes
v04.34.00 01/21/2016 Integration release Release Notes
v04.33.00 01/14/2016 Integration release First release with art v1_17_06 Release Notes
v04.32.01 01/06/2016 Integration release Release Notes
v04.31.00 12/18/2015 Integration release First release with art v1_17_05 Release Notes
v04.30.03 12/10/2015 Integration release First release with art v1_17_04 Release Notes
v04.30.02 12/02/2015 Weekly tag Release Notes
v04.30.01 11/25/2015 Production for DUNE MCC 5.0 Release Notes
v04.30.00 11/19/2015 Integration release Release Notes
v04.29.02 11/12/2015 Weekly tag Release Notes
v04.29.01 11/05/2015 Weekly tag Release Notes
v04.29.00 10/29/2015 Integration release First release with art v1_17_03 Release Notes
v04.28.00 10/24/2015 Hotfix First release with art v1_17_02 Release Notes
v04.27.01 10/22/2015 Weekly tag Release Notes
v04.27.00 10/19/2015 First release with art v1_16_02 except for required changes, the code is identical to v04_26_02 Release Notes
v04.26.04 11/25/2015 Hotfix requested by MicroBooNE Release Notes
v04.26.03 10/21/2015 Hotfix requested by MicroBooNE Release Notes
v04.26.02 10/16/2015 Hotfix requested by MicroBooNE Release Notes
v04.26.01 10/14/2015 Weekly tag meant to be last build with art v1_15_02 Release Notes
v04.26.00 10/08/2015 Integration tag Release Notes
v04.25.00 10/02/2015 Integration tag Release Notes
v04.24.00 09/24/2015 Integration tag Release Notes
v04.23.00 09/17/2015 Integration tag Release Notes
v04.22.00 09/10/2015 Integration tag Release Notes
v04.21.01 09/02/2015 Weekly tag Release Notes
v04.21.00 08/26/2015 Integration tag Release Notes
v04.20.00 08/19/2015 Production release for DUNE MCC4 Release Notes
v04.19.00 08/13/2015 Integration tag Release Notes
v04.18.00 08/04/2015 Integration tag for art/LArSoft course Release Notes
v04.17.00 07/23/2015 Integration tag Release Notes
v04.16.00 07/16/2015 Integration tag first release with art v1_15_01 Release Notes
v04.15.00 07/08/2015 Weekly tag Release Notes
v04.14.01 07/01/2015 Weekly tag Release Notes
v04.14.00 06/25/2015 Integration tag first release with art v1_14_03 Release Notes
v04.13.01 06/24/2015 Weekly tag final release with art v1_14_02 Release Notes
v04.13.00 06/17/2015 Integration tag Release Notes
v04.12.00 06/10/2015 Integration tag Release Notes
v04.11.00 06/05/2015 Integration tag first release with art v1_14_02 Release Notes
v04.10.00 06/03/2015 Integration tag Release Notes
v04.09.00 05/28/2015 Integration tag larcore/Geometry changes Release Notes
v04.08.02 05/27/2015 Weekly tag Release Notes
v04.08.01 05/20/2015 Weekly tag Release Notes
v04.08.00 05/13/2015 Integration release Release Notes
v04.07.00 05/07/2015 Integration release Release Notes
v04.06.02.01 05/11/2015 hotfix for MicroBooNE MCC6 Release Notes
v04.06.02 04/29/2015 Production release for MicroBooNE MCC6 reconstruction Release Notes
v04.06.01 04/27/2015 Production release for MicroBooNE MCC6 reconstruction Release Notes
v04.06.00 04/24/2015 Integration release Release Notes
v04.05.00 04/16/2015 integration release Release Notes
v04.04.00 04/09/2015 Weekly tag Release Notes
v04.03.03 04/01/2015 Weekly tag Release Notes
v04.03.02 03/27/2015 Weekly tag uses cetbuildtools v4_09_01 Release Notes
v04.03.01 03/19/2015 Weekly tag uses cetbuildtools v4_08_01 Release Notes
v04.03.00 03/13/2015 First build with art v1_13_01 the code is identical to v04.02.02 Release Notes
v04.02.02 03/12/2015 Weekly tag final release in the v04.02 series Release Notes
v04.02.01 03/11/2015 hotfix for v04_02_00 fix bug in ClusterCrawler Release Notes
v04.02.00 03/05/2015 production release for MicroBooNE MCC6 simulation Release Notes
v04.01.00 02/27/2015 integration tag for MCC6 Release Notes
v04.00.01 02/19/2015 Weekly tag for MicroBooNE MCC6 and LBNE MCC2 Release Notes
v04.00.00 02/12/2015 First release for MCC6 DataProduct changes Release Notes
v03.08.02 02/12/2015 Final tag rollup tag preceeding v04_00_00 - retain for SBND Release Notes
v03.08.01 02/04/2015 Weekly tag Release Notes
v03.08.00 01/29/2015 integration tag working towards MCC6 Release Notes
v03.07.00 01/21/2015 Weekly tag Bezier track Release Notes
v03.06.00 01/15/2015 production release for LBNE MCC1 includes PCA and AuxDet* Release Notes
v03.04.06 12/17/2014 Weekly tag for lbne raw binary data Release Notes
v03.04.00 11/04/2014 Special release includes new PlaneID addition to Calorimetry product, used by MicroBooNE online, for lbne raw binary data Release Notes
v03.03.00 10/16/2014 Weekly tag also update to pandora v00_17, for lbne raw binary data Release Notes

Retired Production Releases

Retired Non-Production Releases