LArSoft production transition timeline

Here is a summary of the important dates and times for the transition:

  • From now until Jan 21 – continue beta testing of the LArSoft beta release (currently larsoft v0_02_02 plus the experiment repositories uboonecode and lbnecode)
  • Jan 20 18:00 – contents of existing LArSoft git repositories preserved for future reference, then deleted from the repositories
  • Jan 21 07:00 – svn repository made READ-ONLY
    • The svn repository will be tagged at this time and the FINAL svn-based release will be created and deployed
    • Nightly builds will be disabled
  • Jan 21 — Jan 22 – work on the formal transition from svn/SRT to git/mrb/ups
    • The core LArSoft code will be factored into larcore, lardata, larevt, larsim, larreco, larpandora, lareventdisplay and larexamples git repositories.
    • (Most) experiment specific software corresponding to the larcore, lardata, larevt and larsim repositories will be refactored into lbnecode and uboonecode repositories.
  • Jan 23 – testing and validation of the first release
  • Jan 24 07:00 – new system in production
    • Will include installed v1_00_00 versions of all larsoft products as well as lbnecode and uboonecode
    • Nightly builds will begin immediately and will be accessible as version 'nightly'
  • Jan 24 to Jan 31 – quick–response to questions and issues raised to ensure that everything works as needed.