LArSoft cvmfs

  • /cvmfs/

General instructions for managing software

  • login as cvmfslarsoft@oasiscfs
    • you will be in the /home/cvmfslarsoft directory
  • FIFE instructions
    • copied from Introduction_to_FIFE_and_Component_Services
    • The files for the repository are found in /cvmfs/
      • They are initially read-only until a transaction is started.
    • Do cvmfs_server transaction to initiate a transaction.
      • This makes the repository writable.
      • If there was a transaction already under way the command will inform you.
    • Update files in /cvmfs/
      • If you make a mistake, all changes can be discarded and the transaction aborted by running cvmfs_server abort
    • Do cvmfs_server publish
      • This processes all the changes, makes them part of the published repository, and makes the repository read-only again.
    • Updates should then appear on worker nodes typically within a half hour, but sometimes it will be longer if the update was large or if the Stratum 1 is busy with doing a large update of another repository.

Install a larsoft release

  • The product directory is /cvmfs/
  • To install any larsoft release:
    cvmfs_server transaction
    ./scripts/ larsoft <release> <qualifiers>
    cvmfs_server publish
  • The script can be used to install any SciSoft distribution (e.g., nu).

Initialize /cvmfs/

  • cvmfs_server transaction
  • mkdir /cvmfs/
  • create /cvmfs/
    ! *.version
    ! *current.chain
  • rm /cvmfs/
    • leave "new_repository" file in place for now
  • cvmfs_server publish
  • install scripts in /home/cvmfslarsoft/scripts
  • create /home/cvmfslarsoft/temp for a working area
  • installing production releases
    ./scripts/ larsoft v03_08_02 s6-e6