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Pages to update and move

Some pages in LArSoft have a combination of useful and out-of-date information. It would be good to at least remove the out-of-date material, even better would be to update it. The following is a list. Feel free to revise any of the pages and suggest where they should go. (Note, some information may belong partly on and partly in redmine.)

FNAL Redmine tricks

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Legacy Redmine project sites

These were the sites used when LArSoft was developed under cvs and svn + SoftRelTools, respectively:

LArSoft-cvs wiki for the legacy cvs-based LArSoft project
[[larsoftsvn:| LArSoft-svn wiki for the legacy svn-based LArSoft project]]

As of Jan 24, 2014, LArSoft transitioned from svn / SRT to git / mrb / ups, but we retain the legacy projects for historical reasons.