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h1. LArSoftWiki

> [[Quick Links]]

For general information on LArSoft, including links to videos and presentations, start at

h2. [[Introduction to LArSoft]]

> The LArSoft Project is intended to include all functions necessary to facilitate the creation and maintenance of a common software infrastructure for the reconstruction and simulation of liquid argon (LAr) based detectors. The effort needed to develop the software is provided by the stakeholder experiments. This section provides background and History of the Liquid Argon Software (LArSoft) project.

h2. [[Using LArSoft]]

> This covers the preliminaries needed to get started, where to find releases, using LArSoft with your experiment and where to find the software.
> [[Quick Links]]

h2. [[Developing With LArSoft]]

> Developing LArSoft code itself. Using LArSoft to write experiment-specific code against an existing LArSoft release.
* "CI results display page":


h2. The LAr forum "":

> A place for developers and newcomers to ask questions, seek advice, and discuss technical topics with LArTPC software experts.

h2. [[Getting LArSoft]]

> Local installation of LArSoft, and builds.

h2. [[LArSoft Internals]]

> Topics of interest to people supporting LArSoft.

h2. [[Miscellaneous Links]]

> Information that may be of historical interest, or are under development.