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h1. LArSoftWiki

h2. [[Introduction to LArSoft]]

Background and History of the Liquid Argon Software (LArSoft) project.

h2. [[Using LArSoft]]

Getting started with LArSoft and using an existing LArSoft release with your experiment.
Find release notes here.

[[ Quick-start guide to using and developing LArSoft code ]]

h2. [[Developing With LArSoft]]

Developing LArSoft code itself. Using LArSoft to write experiment-specific code against an existing LArSoft release.

h2. The LAr forum "":

A place for developers and newcomers to ask questions, seek advice, and discuss technical topics with LArTPC software experts.

h2. [[Getting LArSoft]]

Local installation of LArSoft, and builds.

h2. [[LArSoft Internals]]

Topics of interest mainly to the people developing LArSoft.

h2. [[Miscellaneous Links]]

Information that may be of historical interest, or are under development.