LArG4 Migration Notes

The old geant4 interface in larsim is being replaced with a new package, larg4, and the associated artg4tk package.
This page has notes about necessary changes.

This is a preliminary draft.

fcl files

The experiment top-level control fhicl files will at least need to replace their "largeant" steps in their fhicl files with the new modules:

  • old way:
    • simulate: [ "rns", "largeant" ]
  • new way:
    • simulate: [ "rns", "larg4Main", "elecDrift", "photonProp" ]
    • where "larg4Main", "elecDrift", and "photonProp" are the new modules that replace "largeant".

An example of how these modules are configured for testing purposes is:


 producers: {

   rns: { module_type: "RandomNumberSaver" }

   larg4Main: { module_type: "larg4Main" 
     enableVisualization: false
     macroPath: ".:./macros" 
     visMacro: "vis.mac" 

   elecDrift: { module_type: "SimDriftElectrons" 
     SimulationLabel: "larg4Main:LArG4DetectorServicevolTPCActive" 
     StoreDriftedElectronClusters: true

   photonProp: { module_type: "PhotonLibraryPropagation" 
     DoSlowComponent: false
     RiseTimeFast: 6
     RiseTimeSlow: 1300
     EDepModuleLabels: [ "larg4Main:LArG4DetectorServicevolTPCActive" ]