Installation procedures

Each release of LArSoft has a release page on SciSoft

Installing a binary distribution

The pull script, pullProducts, will pull any release of larsoft.
A link to this script, and any instructions particular to the release, will be found on the LArSoft release page.

  • Download pullProducts
  • chmod +x pullProducts
  • ./pullProducts [-f|-p] <product_topdir> <OS> <bundle-spec>-<version> <qual_set> <build-spec>
  • Options:
      -f    Force pull of tarball if it already exists
      -h    This help.
      -l    Use a local manifest.  This is for development, not for production.
      -M    Download manifest only.
      -p    Only check for existing products in product_topdir
      -r    Remove tarballs after downloading and unwinding.
      -V    Print version and exit
      product_topdir   Top directory for relocatable-UPS products area.
      OS               Supported os distributions: slf5, slf6, slf7, d13, d14, u14
      bundle-spec      Bundle name and version, e.g., larsoft-v03_04_04
      qual_set         Some possible qualifier sets
      build-spec       debug or prof.
  • For instance:
    ./pullProducts /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft slf6 larsoft-v04_08_00 s8-e7 prof
  • pullProducts will check to see if products are already installed in <product_topdir> and/or $PRODUCTS, and install only those products which are not already installed.
  • Notice that you do not need to run pullProducts in the product directory.
  • Tarballs for each product to be installed will be copied to the directory you are in when you run pullProducts.

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