Install for cvmfs

Install in /cvmfs/

  • ssh
  • cvmfs_server transaction
  • ./scripts/ larsoft <release> <qualifiers>
    • installBundle will install debug and prof distributions for slf7 e17 and c2, slf6 e17 and c2, d18 c2, and d17 c2.
      ./scripts/ larsoft v08_14_00 s86-e17
  • check that the install was clean
    • --- make sure /cvmfs/ is empty
    • --- check everything! ---
  • cvmfs_server publish
  • Note that the eXY distributions are available only for SLF. The c2 distributions are available for both SLF and macOS.

Install in /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft

  • login to uboonegpvmNN as larsoft
  • If you do anything beyond installing a release, edit ~/LArLog to note what changes you made.
  • There is a README
  • Useful scripts are found in ~/work/scripts
  • cd work/<username>
  • will run pullProducts for supported macOS platforms
    • /grid/fermiapp/larsoft/home/larsoft/work/scripts/ <release> <quals>
      where <quals> might be s86-c2
  • We only install the macOS distributions on /grid/fermiapp. These are used by Jenkins builds.
  • If you need to install by hand
    • ../scripts/pullProducts /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft <dXY> larsoft-<version> <quals> <debug|prof>
    • to pull, for instance, larsoft v06_74_00
      ./pullProducts -p /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft  d17 larsoft-v06_74_00 s65-c2 debug
      ./pullProducts -p /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft  d17 larsoft-v06_74_00 s65-c2 prof
  • verify
    • source /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft/setup
    • ups list -aK+ larsoft <new_version>
    • ups depend larsoft <new_version> -q <qualifiers>