How to tag and build a LArSoft vx_yy_zz release

Builds are made with Jenkins, and tagging is done on a local development machine. The instructions presume that the local development machine has products installed in /products. If the products are installed elsewhere, use that directory.

We are using a procedure that mimics git flow instead of using it directly.

Guiding philosophy: the code should build consistently before the tagging process starts. This means that we make a test build first and commit fixes to develop if necessary. We are also now running the quick CI tests locally.

Overview of Building a LArSoft Release

Informal list of experiment contacts

Archival instructions for working with redmine repositories.

Although these instructions are archival, much of the information remains relevant.

Overview of Building a LArSoft Release from redmine

LArSoft Release Build Preliminary Steps

Create a Working Branch

Update versions

Run the quick CI tests

Create Tags for a LArSoft Release Build

LArSoft Release Official Build

Install for cvmfs

LArSoft Release Final Steps

Special Instructions for Major Releases