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Version 15 (Erica Snider, 01/17/2020 03:29 PM) → Version 16/20 (Erica Snider, 01/17/2020 05:36 PM)

h1. Github Migration Plan

h2. +Prior to migration+

* Complete workflow testing
* Update documentation
** On migrating branches page: add whitespace removal to the procedure
** Provide guidance on sharing development within a branch
** Provide guidance on errors in "other" experiments
** Guidance on a common code check failure: trailing whitespace
*** Will the error message indicate the corrective action needed?
* Check that old histories cannot be re-committed to any repository

h2. +Tasks for day of migration+

h3. Remove/rename the test instances of the larsoft repos on github (Patrick)

* Navigate to
* for each repo navigate to settings
** rename reponame to reponame.old (the old ones will be removed later after verifying the webhooks are set up in new instances)

h3. Create new larsoft repos (Patrick)

* Navigate to
* The repositories to be migrated:
** larana, larbatch, larcore, larcorealg, larcoreobj, lardata, lardataalg, lardataobj, lareventdisplay, larevt, larexamples, larg4, larpandora, larpandoracontent, larreco, larsim, larsoft, larsoftobj, larutils, larwirecell
* for each repo click New and enter repo name
** click settings and ensure LArSoft/Core group has ownership not just the person doing the repo creation. (The web hook settings will be handled by cms-bot scripts.)

h3. -Run the trailing white-space script on the head of develop and commit the changes to the Redmine repo (Lynn)-

* -Need contents of the script or a link to the script.-
* -Best to have a link to the script that will run over all the repositories, if there is one-
* -The script to use to strip trailing white space is larsoft/bin/ (${LARSOFT_DIR}/bin/

Running the white-space script on pull-requests is sufficient. A campaign of pull requests to cleanup whitespace can happen after the migration.

h3. Change the Redmine repos post-commit-hook script to only allow pushes to branches named feature/* (Lynn consulting with MarcM)

* Need contents of the script here, or a link to the script
* Best to have a link to the script that will run over all the repositories, if there is one

h3. Clone the Redmine repos, truncate the history and push the appropriate tags and branches to github (Patrick)

cd /scratch/gartung/srcs
mkdir working
cd working
eval $(ssh-agent)

[[Truncating_commit_history_at_svn_to_git_transition]] updateFBR linked as

* Branches to be migrated
** master
** develop
** v*

* Tags to be migrated
** Need the list...

* Any scripts used to perform these tasks?

h3. Run the cms-bot scripts to set up the webhooks and PR labels for the larsoft repos (Patrick)

export GITHUBTOKEN=$(cat /web/sites/s/
cd cms-bot
./ -n -u
./ -u
./create-github-hooks -n -u
./create-github-hooks -u

* for each repo navigate to settings
** check that the webhooks were created and that the ping message was accepted by

h3. Remove phrases with testing from wiki pages✓&scope=subprojects&wiki_pages=1&q=testing

h2. +Fallbacks+

h3. Issues with approval workflow (low risk)

* Postpone use of approval workflow while debugging

h3. Issues with some other major aspect of migration (low risk)

* Postpone migration, revert to Redmine