Changes Expected for Future Releases

These are short term plans.

Week of Jan. 20

  • wirecell v0.13.1
  • art 3.04
  • `feature/gp_documentationFixes` for lardata, larcoreobj, larcorealg and lardataalg with Doxygen documentation fixes.
    • These branches are independent and should be incorporated into a release the next time each of them gets updated, but these change alone should not trigger an update.

Coming soon

  • hep_hpc
  • updates to larsim for tensorflow v1_12_0b
  • rename larsim/LArG4 to LegacyLArG4


  • remove all releases prior to the v06 series, including production
  • retain v03_08_02 for SBND
  • retain v05_14_00 for DUNE
  • retain v05_08_00_01 for MicroBooNE