Changes Expected for Future Releases

These are short term plans.

Week of July 15

  • we have recently included some improvements in the semi-analytic fast optical mode we developed alternative to the optical library method. The modifications are: including the SBND semi-analytic model with full border corrections, adding the visible mid third border corrections for DUNE & swapping most of the hard coded detector dimensions to methods using the geometry service instead.
    • For these last updates we have created the branch feature/semi_ugr_mcr for the packages sbndcode, dunetpc and larsim.
  • larpandoracontent stitching changes important for ProtoDUNE production
    • larpandoracontent feature/larpandoracontent_v03_15_01
  • new module to do calorimetry reconstruction for showers
    • larreco feature/calcuttj_shower_calorimetry
  • wrapper interface for detinfo::DetectorClocks
    • lardataalg feature/gp_quantities
  • allow DetectorClocksServiceStandard_service to read old argoneut files (#22837)
    • lardata feature/psr_handle_old_files

Coming soon

  • updates to larsim for tensorflow v1_12_0b
  • dk2nu v01_08_00
  • larsim to lardetsim


  • remove all releases prior to the v06 series, including production
  • retain v03_08_02 for SBND
  • retain v05_14_00 for DUNE
  • retain v05_08_00_01 for MicroBooNE