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Lynn Garren, 07/25/2014 10:11 PM

Developing With LArSoft

Working with LArSoft

How to use the repositories and the build system

The framework and the LArSoft suite

  • [[larsoftsvn:Using the Framework]] * ART Tutorial * [[larsoftsvn:NuSoft and LArSoft|nutools and LArSoft]] * Using LArSoft on the GPVM nodes * [[larsoftsvn:Package Documentation]] * [[larsoftsvn:Geometry]] * [[larsoftsvn:Reconstruction]] * [[larsoftsvn:Simulation]] * [[larsoftsvn:Space Points]] * [[larsoftsvn:Seed Finding and Bezier Tracking]] * [[larsoftsvn:Optical Simulations]]

Links to the tools used to work with the software

git and git flow:
  • git flow quick start (edited 2/4/2013).
  • Git Tips and Tricks (Note that "git help" works, but "man git" and "git help <command>" does not on any of the gpvm machines. Nor do any of the "git <command> -h" commands.) For the purposes of LArSoft development, please please ignore the workflow advice as anything other than an example of how to use various git commands to do specific tasks.
Understanding CMakeLists.txt and product_deps files mrb and ups: